Rebecca Finnigan
Bibliographical Information
Birthday: August 27th, 1971
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Human
Also Known As: Becca
Physical Information
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Gender: Female
Magical Abilities
Patronus Cat
Boggart Fire
Animagus Tiger
Wand 12.5 Inch, Rowan, Dragon Heartstring
Seamus Finnigan (Younger Brother)
Fergus (Cousin)
School: Hogwarts
House: Hufflepuff
Other: None
Life: Alive
Martial: Single
Role-played by: Starry

Rebecca Finnigan is a half-blood witch. She is known as the older sister of Seamus Finnigan, though she does her best to deny the very fact, as well as the cousin of Fergus, whom she gets along with quite well.

Personality and AppearanceEdit


Rebecca is a natural fighter and stunningly loyal to her fellow comrades. Though she has a soft, loving side for her family, with the exception of Seamus, Rebecca is the type of person who would be the first leader in a battlefield. Her determination and the level of her fierceness has caused Rebecca to have an unusually short temper. She will end up smashing any objects around her should she become frustrated. Nonetheless, Rebecca is a decent witch who will do everything in her power to make sure that Hufflepuff wins the House Cup.


Rebecca contains light brown, slightly wavy hair that doesn't manage a few strands that stray to the left of her gentle face. She has pale, almost white skin, and a slender, though slightly muscular build. Her silver eyes are the color of a pale ocean diamond having been colored into a gray-scale form. A 'V'-shaped chin is curved out smoothly into her mildly round cheeks, while in the middle of her face rests a well-proportioned nose.



Coming When Available



Brother: Seamus Finnigan
Cousin: Fergus


Rebecca Finnigan
Seamus Finnigan

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