This is the page for the Next Generation role-play.
If you wish to join, place a request in the requests section before role-playing. Always comply with the Role-play Policy when you are posting. If any questions arise, feel free to ask the project's headmaster for help.


Place requests to join this Era of role-play. List your character, with a link to their page.
ex. Reella Weasley, First Year in 2017. ~~~~



Place Open


Aurora Sinistra - Role-played by N/A
Herbert Beery - Role-played by N/A
Argus Filch - Role-played by N/A
Filius Flitwick - Role-played by N/A
Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank - Role-played by N/A
Rubeus Hagrid - Role-played by N/A
Rolanda Hooch - Role-played by N/A
Neville Longbottom - Role-played by Berry
Irma Pince - Role-played by N/A
Pomona Sprout - Role-played by N/A
Septima Vector - Role-played by N/A



Aylee Longbottom (Third Year) - Role-played by Berry


Dahlia Fletcher (First Year) - Role-played by Starry


Reella Weasley (First Year) - Role-played by Berry
Jay (First Year) - Role-played by Trlloy
Scorpius Malfoy (First Year) - Role-played by N/A
Albus Potter (First Year) - Role-played by N/A
James Potter II (First Year) - Role-played by N/A
Rose Weasley (First Year) - Role-played by Starry


We post our role-play here.

Rules and GuidelinesEdit

Rules and guidelines are found at the role-play policy ([[Policy:Role-play|here). Always comply with the policy.

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