This is the page for the Pages Project.
If you wish to join, place a request on the talk page. If any questions arise, feel free to ask the project's headmaster for help.


Headmaster: Atomic Angel (as of January 19th, 2013)
Deputy Headmaster: To Be Announced
Prefects: None
Professors: None
Hazeleye (being trained by Atomic Angel)
Moon (being trained by Atomic Angel)
First Years: None
Ghosts: None

Detail about the RanksEdit

Want to nominate a member for a higher rank in this project? Click here to find out how!


It is the duty of the Headmaster to keep a good track of the project itself, such as adding new members in when requested on the talk page as well as contributing to it as well. The Headmaster archives old discussions for Project Pages, announces a Deputy Headmaster when necessary as well as a few other duties. The Headmaster is to take charge of the project at all given times.

Headmaster Guidelines
Headmasters- Past & Present;
Atomic Angel ~ 1/19/13 - Present (succeeded by N/A)

Deputy HeadmasterEdit

The Deputy Headmaster's duty is to aide the Headmaster in duties of the project; adding new members when needed while contributing as well. The Deputy Headmaster, like the Headmaster, archives old discussions for the project pages as well as other minor duties.

Deputy-Headmaster Guidelines
Deputy Headmasters- Past & Present
None ~ None - None (succeeded by nobody)


The duty of the Prefects is to archive old discussions when needed and add in new members who express their desire to join the project on the talk page, along with a few other minor duties.

Prefect Guidelines


It is the job of Professors to edit actively and contribute well to the project. Their rights on the project are restricted, but they are still, nonetheless, valuable members of the project.

Professor Guidelines


Students are individuals who have been nominated by higher ranked members of the project to be trained by a Prefect, or somebody of the higher rank, in the ways of making good quality edits and the such. When they have completed their training, a nomination can take place and should their given teacher approve, a Student will be promoted to Professor.

Student Guidelines

First YearsEdit

First Years are the newest members of the project, who are learning to get to know the project and its members. First Years can be promoted to the Student rank if a nomination passes and there is a given Prefect/Deputy Headmaster or even Headmaster prepared to train them.

First Year Guidelines


Ghosts are inactive members of the project who are due to be removed completely considering that they don't contribute for well over two months. They have no specific responsibilities.

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